Avelar Brotero Garden

Avelar Brotero Garden




Course: Landscape Architecture Fundamentals

Date: February 2006

Instructor: João Nunes, Landscape Architect


The Avelar Brotero garden, located at the top of the Sto. Amaro hill in Lisbon, is a small romantic-style neighbourhood garden that fell in decay due to poor maintenance and criminality. During the day it is patronised by the elderly, who get together to chat or play with their grandchildren, picked up from the kindergarten next to it. During the evenings and nights, it is occupied by drug users that leave dangerous rubbish behind. A great number of people walk through the garden in the mornings and evenings, on their way to and from work. A survey of its users found that their biggest concerns were the poor maintenance, lack of play space for children and the elderly, coldness due to the prevalence of evergreens, and the insecurity resulting from the seclusion provided by vegetation. People who just pass through were mainly concerned about safety and the lack of straight paths, leading them to walk over flower beds. The design created responds to these concerns by using a straight path system, deciduous arboreal vegetation and the creation of spaces fit for its users.

Work features authorized texture and brushe from @MaureenOlder and @m-ajinah