About me

Began trying to change her surrounding environment at the age of three, by planting fruit seeds on her mother’s flower pots and painting white flowers with colour markers.

Developed an interest in plants and animals during weekends and summers at her grandparents’ estate, along with a concern for the protection of the environment and our heritage.

Came across landscape architecture at a young age and fell in love with how it mixes creativity with the conception of environmental and cultural spaces, using vegetation as a building block.

Received her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture in 2011 from Instituto Superior de Agronomia – Technical University of Lisbon.

Believes that site study and analysis is the critical stage where one can find the best project solutions. Her design flows naturally from there, trying to make the most of the best features and cancel the worst features, working with nature and not against it.

Loves challenges, learning and cooperating with other passionate people with whom she can share and debate ideas.

Loves cooking and baking, photography, digital drawing and animal care. Recently discovered how fascinating caves are and can’t wait to do more speleology.

Just moved to Lausanne, Switzerland and is looking for an internship or an entry level position where she can put her ideas and perspectives to good use, designing cool things while further developing her skill set.

curriculum vitae [pdf] | arc@anarutecardoso.eu